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7 Tips For Properly Packing A Moving Truck

Moving trucks are a great way to save time while moving to a new home. You can rent a large enough truck to pack up all of your belongings and move them in one trip. Although moving trucks are convenient, people often have a difficult time packing them. You don't want to waste money renting a larger truck than you need, or filling it up while you still have items to pack. Here are some tips for packing your moving truck effectively.

Buy proper moving supplies

It may be tempting to throw your belongings in your moving truck without packing many of them. However, you'll take up more space than necessary and your items can break easily without boxes and other proper supplies. Just about everything that isn't furniture should be packed in a box. Instead of wasting space packing your blankets in boxes, wrap your furniture in them. It will keep them from getting scratches and dings.

Load heavy items first

All of your heavy furniture and appliances should be the first things loaded into your moving truck. Put your first item tightly against the wall and back of the truck with blankets draped over the sides. Load your next item next to it and against the back as well. If you have a space between your last piece and the side, but it's not large enough for furniture, load in a mattress sideways.

Load your largest boxes after your furniture

Line the bottom of your moving truck with all of your largest boxes. You don't want to take up the valuable space with the small boxes, or worry about anything toppling over while you're driving. Many people make the mistake of stacking them to the ceiling. If smaller boxes are stacked after and you have empty space left, the large stacked boxes will fall.

Use small items as space fillers

Before stacking your boxes, put your smaller items between chair legs, or in other small space gaps. This will allow you to utilize every space you have in your truck. You can even put small fragile items inside your washer and dryer if you're worried about them getting knocked around inside of the boxes while you drive. Finally, continue to stack your boxes from largest to smallest. Stack the entire floor of the truck each time so you don't have one row higher than another.

Use packing straps

Even if your items are packed in tight, you can still experience weight shifts and falling items. Every time you finish loading a row of items inside of your moving truck, tighten them down with the packing straps that come with the truck. This will not only keep your items safe, but they'll keep you safe as well by minimizing the weight shifts while you're driving.

Don't put your valuables in the back

As an extra precaution, it's always best to keep your valuables with you. Keep your expensive jewelry, birth certificates, passports, and other important items in a lock box in the cab of your truck. If anything happens to your items, you won't have to worry about your irreplaceable or difficult to replace items.

Slide mirrors and pictures between items

If you don't pack your pictures and mirrors in special boxes, wrap them in blankets and put them between your mattresses. If you have more after the space if full, put them between tightly packed boxes. This will keep them sturdy and safe during the drive.

It's important to have a strategy for moving day. If you just load your items randomly, you're going to run out of room quickly. Follow these truck loading tips and get more info so you can make the most of your moving truck on the big day.