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The Advantages Of Commercial Giclée Printing Over Traditional Prints

Giclée printing has become a popular way to create high resolution, brightly colored prints. Though giclée tends to be a little more expensive than traditional printing, there are a few advantages it has for commercial printers. Additionally, much of the cost of the giclée print can be passed directly onto the consumer, because giclée prints are more desirable overall.

Giclée Prints Are Higher Resolution

A giclée print is going to be naturally much higher resolution than traditional printing. Because traditional printing is a manual process, it generally is comprised of multiple almost microscopic dots of color. Giclée prints can get much smaller than this through the use of digital technology.

Giclée Prints Are Truer to Color

Resolution isn't the only thing a giclée print has going for it. Giclée prints are also truer to color because of the way that they are printed -- directly from a high quality printer. Traditional printing uses four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. All other colors need to be mixed with these four. That means that there are colors that traditional printing simply cannot reproduce, even though it may appear fairly close.

Giclée Prints Can Support Small Runs

A giclée print can be printed one at a time. This is especially important for speculative runs, such as a poster that you aren't certain is going to sell. You can also produce rare copies of posters, such as a limited edition poster that only has twenty copies. It is prohibitively costly to do this through traditional printing. Though the per print cost of traditional printing is lower, it assumes that you are printing hundreds at a time. The setup time associated with traditional printing is significant. Giclée prints can be printed on demand.

Giclée Prints Can Be Printed in Unusual Formats

Most traditional prints need to be printed in ordinary specifications. This is because they need to be able to fit in the manual printing machines. Giclée prints can print in extremely large formats, because the printers themselves often support formats up to 72" wide. That means that posters of much larger sizes can be made in giclée.

Traditional printing services are still ideal for some applications. In general, traditional printing is a good choice if a printer needs to create thousands of copies of a product all at once. Giclée prints are slower and they are more costly to produce -- but the above benefits often make them worthwhile. Contact a company like Pittsburgh Mailing Inc to learn more.