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Concerns To Think About When Bailing Someone Out In The Middle Of The Night

People don't just get arrested during regular business hours. In many cases, people are arrested for things like drinking and driving and a variety of other crimes late at night. Just because it's late at night doesn't mean that you don't want to try to get your loved one out as soon as possible, but there are some added concerns that go with bailing someone out in the middle of the night.

Find a Bondsman Who Provides 24/7 Services

First of all, if you are not able to post bond for your loved one yourself, then you're going to have to find a bail bond service. A good bail bondsman who works after hours, including in the middle of the night, should fortunately not be too difficult to find. Bail bondsmen know that people get arrested at the most inconvenient times and that many arrests do happen late at night, so many of them work 24 hours a day. Just make sure that you look for a bail bonds service that advertises itself this way if you don't want to wait until morning to bring your loved one home.

Make Sure You Have Access to the Cash

One problem that you might run across when bailing someone out in the middle of the night is difficulty in getting all of the cash that you need to pay the bail bondsman's fee. For example, if you have an ATM withdrawal limit on your debit card, you might not be able to withdraw enough money to bail your loved one out. Instead, your bank might require you to enter the bank to take out the money, which obviously is not an option in the middle of the night. In this scenario, you'll either have to wait until the bank opens or find a bail bondsman who can help with this issue, such as someone who takes a debit or credit card for payment or who will allow you to finish making the payment later, when you're able to get the money.

Make Sure You're Safe When Heading To and From the Jail

If you're meeting the bail bondsman at the jail to get your loved one out, make sure that you're careful on your way there and back. Find a safe form of transportation, or keep an eye no your surroundings. Even though you might be safe at the jail, where there might be plenty of law enforcement, the areas that you travel through on your way there and back might not be the safest places in the middle of the night.