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Hire A Home Inspector Before Buying Your Next Home

Purchasing a house is exciting moment but your excitement can turn to great annoyance or despair if you discover a major problem with the house after it is successfully closed on. In order to avoid this scenario, you should hire a home inspector to take a look at the house before you move forward with the purchase of the home. Here are just some of the things a good home inspector can do for you.

Get the Seller to Fix Things Before Closing

If you can identify clear problems with the house before the closing, this can benefit you in one of two ways. First, if it's a relatively quick fix, you may be able to ask the seller to delay the closing until the issue is taken care of. If the issue found with the house is more severe but you are still interested in buying, you may be able to use the newfound information to get the seller to lower the price of the house further. The inspector can estimate how much money it will cost you to fix the issue and this amount or a good chunk of it could be removed from the sale price.

Estimate Future Repair Costs

Even if you don't find anything significantly wrong with the home during the inspection, the inspector you hire can still help you map out how much it will cost to repair or replace certain things in the house in the future. He or she can likely give you a timeline of how much longer certain things like the plumbing or insulation will hold up, and then you can use this information to figure out a long-term budget plan for the maintenance and eventual repair of the home.

Detect Major Safety Issues No One is Aware Of

A home inspector can also look for potential health hazards that the seller isn't even aware of. If the home has asbestos, radon, a carbon monoxide leak, or some other toxic material within it, the inspector will be able to alert you before you close the sale. Many materials that can be health hazards are often out of sight and out of mind even for the person that currently lives there, so having a professional do a fully safety inspection can give everyone some greater peace of mind.

Before closing on your next house, contact a home inspector to give your potential new house a close look.