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Three Things To Understand About A Country Club Membership

Country clubs are one of the best options available for someone looking for private access to light sports, recreation, and fine dining within a private and unique social group. However, getting into one of these clubs comes with its own challenges. If you are interested in joining a country club, then there are a few things you need to understand. Each country club is different in terms of their rules and fees, and joining requires top-notch networking skills.

Each Has Their Own Rules

One of the most important parts to understand about country clubs is that they each have their own rules. This means that they have their own rules for participating in the club, joining it, paying various fees over time, and social norms within the club. For example, some country clubs only allow men to join, and others ban the usage of phones while at the club. Some allow guests through members, while others don't. Part of the reason networking is important when attempting to join a country club is to get an idea of these rules before you join.

The (Expensive) Fees Range From Club To Club

Another important element of nearly any country club are the fees you'll need to pay upon joining, which range wildly from one club to the next. Some clubs only ask for an initiation fee and a few hundred dollars a month in monthly dues, while others ask for that along with assessment fees for renovations and for using lockers in the facilities. Overall, the fees are generally expensive, which is part of what makes these clubs private. If you plan to join, you'll want to know what fees your club of choice wants beforehand.

You Need To Network To Get In

Finally, country club memberships are obtained partially through strong social skills and partially through financial means. Frequently, you'll want to know someone who's in the country club before trying to join. This can get you a foot in the door even if you already meet all the requirements for joining on paper. Plus, some clubs are more tight-knit than others. You may find that a nearby country club isn't a good a place to network your own business as you previously thought or that it bans networking entirely. Or, you may find that the club is more of a networking center than a golf club after all. Either way, using your connections is important.

Country clubs are not well understood by many Americans, but a little research can prepare you to join one. If you are interested in joining a club or better understanding country club membership, contact a country club near you today.