7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Hire A Commercial Janitorial Service

One of the most common mistakes made by new small business owners is making the decision to handle their own janitorial needs. Perhaps they plan on doing the work themselves or dividing up tasks among their employees. However, this approach typically ends badly. If you plan on doing the cleaning yourself, for instance, you may find it difficult to squeeze it in during the course of the day — running a business takes a lot of time and effort, and it's easy to put cleaning tasks off when something more pressing comes along. [Read More]

How Do You Fix A Sewing Machine That's Skipping Stitches?

A sewing machine will skip stitches if the needle's not able to penetrate the fabric or if it isn't able to properly catch the thread. Skipped stitches make seams look inconsistent, and they're also a headache to deal with. Whenever they happen, you need to stop sewing, remove the stitches, and try again. If your sewing machine is constantly skipping stitches, your projects will take more time to complete and become frustrating. [Read More]

Understanding Blood Pattern Analysis

Blood pattern analysis (BPA) evaluates and interprets blood stains at a crime scene to establish the events preceding the crime and the cause of the bleeding. Its results are often used to determine how and what was used to cause the bleeding. This technique provides insight into the activities at the crime scene. BPA uses biological, physical, and mathematical principles, which are essential in understanding the behavior of blood, its cohesion and velocity, and the angles and distances it traveled when evaluating potential crime scene activities. [Read More]

Lost Your Job? How A Temporary Job Staffing Agency Can Help

If you lost your job during the Covid-19 pandemic and you're struggling to find a new one, now's the time to sign up with a temporary job staffing service. You might think that you need a referral to a temporary job staffing agency, but that's not the case. You can actually refer yourself for these services. Once you're signed up, you'll be assigned a job placement counselor who can help you find temporary work. [Read More]