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Tips For Buying A Gun Safe

If you own firearms and want to make sure that you keep them locked up so that your children don't accidentally find them and use them, you are going to need to make sure that you purchase a gun safe. You might feel overwhelmed with the number of gun safes that are available on the market. Here are some tips for cutting through and finding a gun safe that is right for your situation.

1. Purchase a Safe That's Bigger Than What You Think You Need

Even if you are only planning to store a single gun in your gun safe, you need to make sure that you purchase a safe that's big enough to hold multiple weapons. The reason for this is that a gun safe can act as more than just a locker to store your weapons. You can use it to store valuables while you are out of the country on vacation. You might decide that you want to purchase more than the single gun you own now and, since you purchased a safe that was larger than for just holding one gun, you can easily fit the guns. If you don't think that you can afford a safe that is properly larger than what you think that you need, consider purchasing a used safe that is the correct size. Getting a large safe is that important.

2. Purchase a Safe That Has Sheet Rock

Be sure that the safe that you purchase has sheetrock installed so that your safe is fireproof. This will allow you to not have to worry about ammo becoming unstable due to fire. It will also allow you to store important documents such as deeds and wills in the safe without worrying about them being destroyed in a fire. If you do purchase a safe that includes sheetrock, make sure that you take it to a professional to verify that the sheet metal has been properly installed.

3. Look for Heavy Gauge Steel

Finally, buy a gun safe whose walls are made out of heavy gauge steel. If you choose a light gauge, a person with a crowbar, a hammer, or an ax can easily break through the walls of the safe and get the valuables inside. If you are serious about protecting a gun collection that is worth a ton of money, make sure that you are providing it with proper protection.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in gun safes like State-Wide Lock & Safe Inc.