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What To Look For In The Best Particle Size Zeta Potential Instrument

Sometimes, it is critical to get the most accurate measurement data on the tiniest particles, and there are only certain instruments that are capable of providing this function. The particle size zeta potential instrument is one of them. Take a look at some of the features to look for in the best models. 

The analyzer provides varying degrees of measurement angles. 

If a particle size zeta potential analyzer boasts that it is capable of measurement in different degreed angles, it is probably going to be a highly efficient unit to use. Machines that are capable of analyzing particles from different angles can garner more usable data about each particle and more accurate sizing estimations based on measurements from different views. This can be highly important in applications that require particles to be a certain size for proper formulation. For example, in the cosmetic industry, pigment particles of different sizes could change the color consistency in a formulated product during the manufacturing process. 

The analyzer offers the highest sensitivity to particles and their sizes. 

High sensitivity to particles, their weights, and their sizes will help ensure you get the most accurate data yield during your measuring processes. You can usually point out the best machines because they will clearly advertise their sensitivity capabilities on the product specs because this is one of the most important attributes. The machine should be able to offer a series of specific measurements that are absolute even down to the smallest particles and in a variety of forms. 

The analyzer works with multiple types of particles. 

Whether you are analyzing the zeta particles suspended in a fluid or analyzing the particles in a powdered form, you need a particle size zeta potential analyzer that can accommodate those particles. Some types of zeta potential analyzers only work with specific types of particles, which are good for specialized industrial manufacturers, but not so good for business owners who need to gain accurate data on different types of particles. Even though you will pay more for the machine that has more capabilities, this is an important feature to have. 

The more time you spend tracking down the best particle size zeta potential analyzer, the more accurate your measurement practices will be and the more closely formulated end products can end up being. If you need help finding good zeta potential analyzers and other instruments, reach out to an industrial equipment supplier for information.