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Going On A Beach Vacation? Here Are 3 Reasons To Book A Beach House Rental Instead Of A Hotel

While going on a beach vacation with a large group of your friends is an incredible experience, managing a large travel party is often a headache. Booking hotels and making travel arrangements is often a logistical nightmare, with friends ending up in different rooms or different hotels entirely. Thankfully, this problem can be resolved by choosing to book a vacation property instead of booking single rooms at a hotel. When you're taking a beach vacation with a large group of friends, here are the three major benefits of choosing a beach house rental over a hotel.

1. You'll Be Together With Your Friends

When you book several rooms in a hotel for your travel partners, there's a good chance that you'll all be split up into different sections of the hotel. While some hotels allow you to book room blocks, some only allow it for very large parties — this may be an impossible option for you, depending on the number of travel partners you're bringing. If you're booking during the busy season, your travel partners may end up having to book rooms at different hotels due to a lack of vacancies.

When you're on vacation, you don't want to be split up from your travel partners. Since you'll be split up, it turns the hotel into a place where you simply sleep instead of one where you can relax with your friends in — you won't see them unless you're in town together. With a beach house rental, all of your travel guests are able to share the same space at all times. You're able to casually relax inside your rental with your friends.

2. You Have More Flexibility to Divide Lodging Costs

When you book a beach hotel, your travel partners will book rooms individually directly with the hotel. With a beach house rental, you'll book the entire property directly. This gives you more flexibility in deciding how to divide up the costs of lodging on your vacation — you can choose to either have your guests pay you by the room or pay per person.

For example, if you have singles traveling with you on their vacation, then booking a hotel can sometimes seem unfair — they're paying the price for a whole room whereas a couple booking a room would be able to split the cost between them. If you divide up the costs of the beach house rental per person, it becomes more equitable. Whichever way you decide to divide up costs, a vacation rental gives you this flexibility while a hotel does not.

3. You'll Have Much More Living Space Compared to Booking a Hotel

A beach house rental gives you and your travel partners much more living space than a hotel room. Many hotel rooms are simply bedrooms and bathrooms with little else. When you get back from the beach, you're able to utilize this space to hang out with your friends and relax. Hotel rooms can quickly become cramped with multiple people inside, so you'd have to go out to a nearby restaurant or bar in order to comfortably relax with your friends — the costs of this can quickly add up, which makes booking a beach house rental often an overall less expensive option when you consider the entire cost of your vacation.

Overall, the benefits of a beach house rental make them the preferred choice when you're going on vacation with a large group of friends. Hotels are often more suited to solo travelers or very small groups. For your next beach vacation, look for a beach house rental — just keep in mind that you need to book early as availability of vacation properties can be low during the peak spring and summer beach seasons.