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Ways To Manage Erosion On Your Beach-Front Business

When you own a business on the beach, you get a lot of repeat business from both tourists and locals alike. While you do have a great location, you also have to worry about erosion control and other issues related to your spot. Erosion can adversely affect your property in many ways, from ruining your landscape to potentially putting any buildings' foundations in danger. When you fail to keep soil erosion under control, you end up with a potentially expensive situation that will be hard to deal with.

The best way to manage erosion is to manage the problem before it even starts. This begins with a few techniques that your erosion specialist will show you. Here are ways you can manage erosion on your beach-front business.

Silt fencing

Silt fencing can help improve the overall way your landscape is protected by keeping the loose topsoil from overpowering your landscape or building up around your property line. Placed along the back and sides of your business, this type of fencing can be helpful not only for keeping silt from whisking away your flowers and rock beds or destroying sidewalks and pathways, but it is also helpful in keeping your property protected as well.

Silt fencing is available in solid black material, in most cases, and makes for an excellent seasonal barrier against wind-blown silt and erosion damage. You can use silt fencing year-round as well.

Retaining wall

One of the more permanent solutions to your erosion problem is designing a retaining wall. You can use a retaining wall to add curb appeal to your business while also protecting your landscape against soil and water damage that leads to erosion of your landscape. Retaining walls are often put on landscapes where there is a large slope either in the front or back of a property and helps to create a nice properly line as well.

A retaining wall is often made of brick, but can also be designed out of concrete blocks or even natural stone if that works best for your business's design and overall budget. You can put a silk fence behind a retaining wall to add further protection of your property if you wish.

You want your beachside business to be successful while being fully operational and safe. With the right erosion barriers, you can not only make your business more successful, but you can keep your company running with fewer construction issues as well. Contact a company that offers erosion control near you to learn more.