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Benefits Of Using A Rifle With A Thumbhole Stock

A wide range of details are important to evaluate whenever you're buying a new firearm, and while the overall look of the gun and its caliber can be things that you focus on, you should give some thought to the gunstock, too. It's important to assess a gunstock in a variety of ways, including how it feels to hold it. This is especially true if you're buying a small-caliber rifle that you intend to use for target practice or even hunting. You'll be handling this gun for long periods of time, so you want to be happy with the stock. As you shop, you'll undoubtedly notice rifles with thumbhole stocks. Here are some benefits of using a rifle that is equipped in this manner.

Improved Grip

With a thumbhole stock, you actually slide the thumb on your rear hand through the stock, rather than wrap it overtop of the stock. The result is that you'll have an improved grip on the firearm. Low-caliber rifles don't recoil to the same extent as those that fire larger projectiles, but they still have a kick. As you use the rifle repeatedly at the shooting range, your hands may begin to get a little tired from dealing with this recoil perhaps several dozen times. If your back hand loosens, your aiming will be off. By keeping your thumb through the thumbhole stock, you'll maintain a solid grip on the gun.

Thumb Comfort

For some people, holding their thumb overtop of the gunstock can be uncomfortable over time. This can especially be an issue for those who have large hands or for those who are handling a firearm that has a bulky stock. You may feel as though you're having to move your thumb into an unnatural position — and keep it there for long periods of time — while you shoot. This can obviously lead to moderate discomfort and even serious pain over time. The presence of the thumbhole can go a long way toward keeping your thumb feeling comfortable.

Reduced Weight

You want your gunstock to have a certain amount of mass, but if it's too heavy, you may find that the firearm doesn't feel very balanced in your hands. The presence of a thumbhole means that there's less material in the stock, which results in weight reduction. Thumbholes aren't very large, which means that this weight reduction is relatively minor. However, every little bit helps, and this is especially true if you plan to use this rifle for hunting. When you're carrying a rifle for miles of walking, you'll appreciate every ounce that you don't have to carry.

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