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Has Boredom Set In Yet?

With the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak in the United States, a lot of people have been off work for months now. This may be you. You've probably cleaned everything you could clean, organized everything you could organize, and learned how to make sourdough. Maybe you've been making masks.

But a lot of people are starting to run out of things to do. Now, of course, some people are working from home and were taking care of kids and don't have time to do hardly anything, but many other people have had no work and nothing to do and are starting to claw the walls with boredom. You've been thinking of starting a podcast, maybe, or streaming video games, starting a youtube channel. Things that give you a creative outlet, people to reach out to, but also can be done from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Before you start going down that road, did you know you can take acting courses online?

Now, maybe you're a little taken aback by that statement. What does that have to do with your problem? Or podcasts? Or anything?

Well, in the first place, there's lots of different types of acting courses you can take online. Some are all about vocal control. How you speak, how to project your voice, how to minimize your accent. You may not even have thought about it, but at some point if you start a creative outlet like that, you'll be spending hours worth of editing and listening to your own voice. Any flaws to be found in there are going to drive you up the wall.

Also, taking these classes can help you learn how to be more confident in your speech and avoid filler words like 'like', 'um', or 'uh'. Improvisational techniques- an important part of many acting courses- can help you get better at thinking on your feet and reacting quickly to what someone else is saying, instead of being caught flat footed. This is really important if you're doing a podcast that you're sharing with something else- having a snappy back and forth with no pauses or awkward edits is really important to that.

Additionally to all of these, you may discover you have a talent for it. Once you can get back in the world again, you may feel confident enough to audition for parts in commercials, or parts in local productions of various plays that are being held. You never know where you will discover a new hobby.

If nothing else, it'll help pass the time doing something you haven't done before.

To learn more about an online acting course, contact a company like The Lyndon Technique.