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Five Money-Saving Pool Maintenance Tips

A backyard swimming pool doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. By incorporating the following tips into your routine, you can save some cash on pool maintenance and upkeep.

1. Invest In a Cover

A pool cover is one of the single best money-saving investments that you can make. The cover protects the pool, along with the pumps and filters, from dealing with an influx of leaves and other debris. This prevents mechanical breakdowns, helps maintain water quality, and reduces the need for frequent cleaning. Invest in a solar cover and you reap a secondary benefit -- warmer water without the need to turn on an energy-sucking pool heater.

2. Practice Daily Skimming

Whether you have an automatic skimmer and vacuum or you do the task manually, removing the leaves and other debris that get into the water every day will reduce your pool maintenance costs. Too much debris leads to clogged filters and pumps, overheated pump motors, and reduced component lifespans. If you aren't sure if you will keep up with manual debris removal, then spend a small amount of cash now on automatic options. This way, you will save a lot of cash later on service calls.

3. Treat at Night

For many pool owners, the morning routine involves checking the chemical levels of the pool and adding chlorine and conditioners as needed. Unfortunately, you could be wasting those expensive treatments. The reason is heat from the sun -- it causes chlorine and other treatments to evaporate out of the water more quickly, thus resulting in the need for heavier doses. Instead of checking and treating in the morning, do so in the evening. Evening is also the best time to apply the weekly pool shock treatment.

4. Lower Energy Use

Many pools have an array of features that draw electricity and increase your utility costs. Turn off fountains and lights when the pool isn't in use so you can save a bit of cash. You can also turn down the pool heater by a few degrees in order to save a lot of energy. Further, consult with your maintenance service to see if you can reduce pump or filter use safely.

5. Maintain the Water Level

Low water puts stress on the pump and filter motors, which can reduce their service lives and lead to more repair or replacement needs. A pool should be filled at least halfway to the top of the skimmer openings around the perimeter. It will save you more money in the long run to fill the pool up enough than to deal with the effects of not doing so.

Don't skimp on regular professional maintenance. Although maintaining your pool between visits can save money, the best cost savings come from professional preventative maintenance that reduces the chances of major issues.

To learn more, contact a pool service near you.