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Restore Your Vehicle's Showroom Quality Appearance

After driving your new SUV to many tourist attractions this summer, you may have noticed bird droppings, bug splatters, and dried mud on parts of your vehicle's exterior. A car wash and wax kit will aid you in attaining a showroom quality shine that reminds you of how your vehicle looked when you first drove it off of a dealership's lot.

Purchase An All-In-One Setup Or A Targeted Kit

The type of car wash and wax kit that you seek will depend upon how much effort you are willing to put forth and the amount of items that you already have on hand to aid in the cleaning and waxing steps. Some kits contain a large bucket with caster wheels, a mopping tool that includes an extension handle, hand mitts, glass cleanser, rim cleanser, automotive body cleanser, and wax.

An elaborate kit will aid in cleaning the outside of your vehicle, and it will also assist with refreshing the inside seating and cargo areas. If you already own some cleaning tools and are only in need of quality vehicle wash and wax products, purchase a kit that contains dual bottles of cleaning and wax agents that are designed to leave a vehicle's surface with a streak-free shine. 

Complete A Series Of Steps To Attain The 'Perfect' Finish

Avoid washing and waxing your vehicle on a day that you will be burdened with errands or could possibly be disrupted from focusing on your efforts. Empty your SUV's seating and cargo area and move all of the loose items into your home for the time being. Roll up your vehicle's windows and shut the passenger and driver doors. Read the manual that came with the wash and wax kit, to aid in preparing each cleanser.

Fill the bucket with water and the appropriate amount of the product that you will be using first. Work in stages, rinsing the front, top, sides, and back of the vehicle. A garden hose can be used during this step and will eliminate a lot of the grime that is on your SUV's body.

Afterward, use the hand tools to aid in applying the cleanser. Rinse your vehicle's body off and wait for it dry, prior to applying a coat of wax. After the waxing job is complete, tackle the inside of your vehicle, including cleaning the interior glass panes, wiping off the dashboard, and vacuuming the upholstery and floor coverings.

To learn more about car wash wax kits, contact a car cleaning supply company today.