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Add A Property Management Team To Your Business Plan

Hiring a property management team could ultimately allow you to grow your rental business. The time that is freed up by having someone on call to assist your tenants will allow you to perform searches for additional properties that you would like to add to your real estate portfolio.

Current And Future Plans

A property management business may employ various teams who oversee both residential and commercial properties. Being aware of how many properties are currently overseen and inquiring about the amount of time that will be dedicated to your rentals will help you determine if a particular management team is a good fit for you.

During an interview with the person who will be overseeing the team, verbalize what your long-term goals are. Relay information about the current amount of properties that you own, the regions where they are located, and where you intend to look for additional properties. 

Response And Communication

A good property management team will be able to oversee everything from tenant screening requirements to routine property maintenance and inspection needs. Your business name is at stake if you decide to allow someone else to manage your properties.

If you have been performing a specific series of tasks associated with acquiring tenants and maintaining properties, these details need to be outlined fully. Tell the manager of a team about the time response that is typically implemented when a tenant has an issue in their residence or on the property that they lease.

Communication methods should also be outlined, including how you expect your managers to contact each tenant or go about having repairs or upgrades performed. All of the details that are associated with running your properties should be added to a written contract that both you and the property management team sign. The contract will list the services that you are hiring the team for and will specify what type of payments will be rendered in exchange for the work.

New Properties

You can either search for properties by yourself and participate in solo tours or you can request that one or more members of your management team accompany you. If you choose to bring a property manager along with you, their insight could be beneficial.

An opinion about a particular rental unit and what may need to be conducted in order to get the place ready for tenants could help you pinpoint whether a property is going to be a good value or is going to require a lot of work to make it habitable. Work alongside your team, so that they are aware of any potential increases to your rental portfolio that they will ultimately be responsible for overseeing.