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A Brief Guide To Picking The Best Student Apartment

Higher education is associated with numerous costs, one of which is student housing. As a student, you must pick a living place that matches your standards and is within your budget before starting university. That is more so if your campus is far from home, say in a different city or state, and commuting isn't an option. If you are in a similar predicament, you are likely to be bombarded by many housing options. But when it comes to convenience, affordability, and networking, none of them can compare to student apartments.

What Are Student Apartments?

A student apartment refers to off-campus housing that isn't necessarily affiliated with any learning institution, be it a college or university. Most student apartments are constructed a short distance from said institutions. Moreover, unlike typical apartments that rent entire spaces, these are mainly rented by the bed. Note that some, but not all, student apartments also offer accommodations to non-students. Therefore, if you are not a student but wish to live in an affordable student apartment, you can look around for off-campus student housing options open to the wider community.

What Should Ideal Student Apartments Offer?

The following should help you isolate a suitable student apartment:

1. Location

The first thing to factor in when looking for a place to live in is the location of the student apartment. Although most students consider near-campus housing the best option, there's more to picking a good apartment than its proximity to your university. For instance, considering additional factors like the accessibility of eateries, pharmacies, libraries, and recreational facilities from a specific student apartment should influence your decision. In addition, if the apartment you wish to rent is far from campus, check whether it's close to a public transport system if you don't own a car. But if you have one, a good parking lot should be a priority.

2. Affordability

According to, you should ensure your rent expenses never exceed 30% of your net monthly income. That applies to everyone, ranging from full-time employees to college students. If you break this rule of thumb, paying other utility bills such as electricity, water, and gas will be problematic. If you are lucky enough to find a student apartment with all-inclusive rates, i.e., it offers one package that covers rental fees and utility costs and has extra features such as free Wi-Fi, all the better.

3. Safety

Choosing a student apartment with optimized security is key to guaranteeing your safety and that of your personal effects. You can do that by checking an apartment's door locks and enquiring about the availability of video surveillance systems. You also have the right to request the landlord to rekey or change your apartment's lock before moving in, especially if you have reason to be extra cautious. Plus, you can install a peephole on your door to help you vet guests before letting them in.