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Lost Your Job? How A Temporary Job Staffing Agency Can Help

If you lost your job during the Covid-19 pandemic and you're struggling to find a new one, now's the time to sign up with a temporary job staffing service. You might think that you need a referral to a temporary job staffing agency, but that's not the case. You can actually refer yourself for these services. Once you're signed up, you'll be assigned a job placement counselor who can help you find temporary work. If you're not sure how a temporary staffing agency can help you, read the list described below. Here are ways a temporary staffing agency can be beneficial to your job search. 

Avoid Pay Loss During Searches

If you've lost your job, you need to worry about your income. Even if you qualify for unemployment, it might not be enough for you to live on. That's where a temporary job staffing agency comes into the picture. When you sign up with a temporary staffing agency, you'll earn an income while you're looking for a permanent position. Temporary staffing agencies work to find you employment in a job that fits your level of experience. That means you may be able to find a temporary job that pays you close to what you were making in your previous job. 

Limit Time Spent on Classified Ads

If you've been searching the classified ads looking for jobs, you know how fruitless the venture can be. In most cases, there are multiple applications for each job opening you find. Not to mention the fact that you need to call on each opening you find. If you can't find openings through the classified section, you need to drive around town looking for help wanted signs. With the price of gasoline right now, that can be a costly venture. When you work with a temporary job staffing agency, they'll do the hard work for you. They'll give you the leads that have already been vetted, which means you won't need to spend time or money on the job search. 

Ensure a Consistent Work History

If you're out of work right now, you need to worry about your work history. You might not know this, but employers take a close look at your work history. This is especially true where dates of employment are concerned. Gaps in your employment history are never a good thing. That's where a temporary job staffing agency becomes beneficial. They'll keep you employed while you're looking for full-time employment.

For more information, contact a temporary job staffing service near you.